Ron's Bio

Like any good developer I am fascinated with technology and I am constantly learning and improving my skills. What I bring to the table that most don't is a background in business management & entrepreneurship.

I pride myself on being a developer that understands not only the 'How' but more importantly the 'Why' of a project. As a former business consultant and entrepreneur, I understand the ever-present need to consider the Return-On-Investment of a project. With web development / online marketing, my goal is to be more than a technical partner for my clients. I want to get to know your business and recommend only the strategies that have potential to be force multipliers for you.

Origin Story

I have been a self-taught computer nerd as far back as I can remember  and I'm a member of perhaps the last generation to remember a time before ubiquitous internet! From modifying video game code on QBasic as a kid to learning to build websites as a teenager, I always loved to deconstruct and learn how computers work. 

As a young adult I also became interested in how business and the economy works. I love the fact that in this world a person can take an abstract idea and turn that into an economic engine that creates jobs and can have a huge net positive benefit to society.

I graduated from Sonoma State University with a B.S. in Business Management. After college, I worked for several years as a business consultant before striking out as an entrepreneur myself. I then helped co-found North Bay Brewery Tours, a tour bus company that specializes in guided brewery tours in the SF Bay Area. While that business is still going strong (and craft beer is a fun industry to be in) I was eager for a new challenge and took a step down from the day-to-day management of North Bay Brewery Tours.

It was then I partnered with my longtime friend, Josh Nadler, helping him build his business Awesurance into what it is today. Together we have found our skill sets to be complimentary when it comes to the division of labor, and we both share a passion for business and a strong vision for the future.

Work, Life, & Other Musings

I like having some degree of location independence in my life, with the ability to work anywhere with an internet connection. Even when not on the road, I think we all could fit an extra couple of productive hours into the day if we just didn't have to commute. (I used to commute in LA so believe me when I say I hate sitting in traffic for multiple hours a day, particularly when it can be avoided.)

I think distributed teams are they way of the future, and better for a company's bottom line today. From the company's perspective less office space overhead is needed, you attract the best talent from around the world (not just your backyard), and you do not have to pay premiums to cover the extra expenses of living/working/god-forbid-parking in a place like San Francisco. Take it from a guy who owns a bus company, operating expenses can kill profit margins. Hence why I like tech so much; it's easier to transport bits and bytes than people!

Ideally I also like having a full, but flexible schedule. That means working my butt off (much more than the average 9-5er), but still being able to fit in a Tuesday morning hike or take an occasional 3 day weekend. I realize these are luxuries that aren't always possible when you're sprinting toward a deadline, but you also can't work 84+ hour weeks every week and not get burnt out. (If you do work more than 12 hours a day every day, then good for you, but I'd humbly suggest you are playing a game that might not be worth winning.)

As for when I'm not working, I like to go hiking, backpacking, play disc golf, play guitar, travel, and of course I'm almost always up to go out for a pint of craft beer at a local brewery.